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Automation Expenditures for Upstream Oil & Gas
As economic conditions improve, increasing demand and rising prices for natural gas and crude oil will continue to drive significant growth in the global oil and gas industry.  With access to only a minority percentage of proven reserves, integrated oil companies must attempt to replace their reserves in remote areas that are much less hospitable and more dangerous — both environmentally and politically.  This is driving huge expenditures in large, complex, and difficult capital projects in the production segment.

Additive Manufacturing Systems
The synergy of digital modeling with additive manufacturing is a driving force for adoption in the market that will sustain double digit growth rates over the next five years.  Manufacturers seek a competitive advantage with additive manufacturing systems in an effort to overcome hurdles in traditional design processes.  The possibilities of designing complex structures, cost effectively, allows manufacturers to envisage concept designs previously cost prohibitive due to development constraints.

SCADA Systems for Water & Wastewater
The far-reaching impact of technology and the resulting change in the way companies are restructuring and streamlining business processes are transforming the global Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) market.  Driven by the need to improve the sustainability of water utility infrastructure, the worldwide market for SCADA systems for the water & wastewater industries is expected to see strong growth over the next five years.

Discrete Automation I/O Modules
The market for discrete I/O module sales showed strong growth in 2011.  In 2012, ARC expects the growth to drop to a low level, but will rise again in 2013 and beyond.  The market for discrete I/O modules is mainly driven by two forces:  an increasing need for decentralized solutions and the need for more information resulting in more measurement on the production floor.

Automation Expenditures for Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry
Even with tight automation expenditure budgets and the continuing global recession, the market for automation products and systems in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry remains moderate to strong.  However, much of the current automation focuses on projects with immediate return on investments.  These are projects that are the result of consolidation of manufacturing operations, standardization of applications across the entire enterprise, new multi-product biotech processing lines, and product serialization.

Automation Systems Market Outlook for Mexico
Mexico is a significant market for manufacturing and automation products.  In 2011, Mexico received almost 20 billion dollars of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), consolidating Mexico as one of the top recipients of FDI among emerging economies in the world.  Mexico’s manufacturing industry and the financial services sector are top among the most preferred investment targets.  Among the manufacturing sectors, the main recipients are automotive, iron & steel, beverages, and chemicals.

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Presenting ARC's Ninth Annual Process Management Academy

Boosting Profitability and Efficiency:  Fine-Tuning Your Processes
to Meet Today's Industry Challenges

March 4-5, 2013 - Antwerp, Belgium

ARC’s Process Management Academy is a premier meeting point for industry executives and technology solution providers to share current best practices and learn about emerging solutions in automation and manufacturing IT.  The forum delivers content key to the success of any business with a focus on process or hybrid production.  Whether you are in biotechnology, chemicals, food & beverages, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, or power generation, the case studies, analyses, and interactive discussions will provide you with new knowledge to help you increase the profitability and efficiency of your operations. The two-day forum includes presentations by end users, ARC analysts, and other industry experts who will share their experiences and provide an outlook on the future of automation.

For more information and to register, visit:



Presenting ARC's Forum at ABB Automation and Power World

ARC Inside:  Business Benefits with Automation

March 25-28, 2013 - Orlando, Florida

Improved yield, equipment uptime, costs, and reliability provide key challenges for all manufacturing and asset-intensive organizations today.  Industry leaders are under enormous pressure to address these issues and need improved visibility, business process automation, and modern systems. ARC is pleased to participate in ABB Automation and Power World 2013.  At ARC Inside, several of our analysts will be making presentations and participating in various panel discussions.  We will also be available for one-on-one discussions with the attendees.  We encourage you to plan to attend this content-rich conference.

For more information and to register, visit:







Process Management Academy Europe 2013, Antwerp

Achieving Breakthrough Performance Forum India 2013, Hyderabad

Achieving Breakthrough Performance Forum Asia 2013, Tokyo

Achieving Breakthrough Performance Forum China 2013, Beijing



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